Resource efficiency is one of the main drivers of companies competitiveness since European manufacturing firms spend, on average, 40% of their costs on raw materials, with energy and water pushing this to 50% of total manufacturing costs, to be compared to a share of only 20% for labour costs.

On 2 July, the European Commission adopted a Communication Green Action Plan (GAP) for SMEs that enables SMEs to turn environmental challenges into business opportunities.

The Green Action Plan aims to contribute to the re-industrialisation of Europe advocated by the European Industrial Renaissance Communication and supported by the European Council, by enhancing SMEs competitiveness and supporting green business developments across all European regions.

The objectives and corresponding actions can be grouped in five sections:

  1. Greening SMEs for more competitiveness and sustainability
  2. Green entrepreneurship for the companies of the future
  3. Opportunities for SMEs in a greener value chain
  4. Access to the markets for green SMEs
  5. Governance

For further information please visit the European Commission website